Each year DKF will offer a select number of Pure Raza Espanola or P.R.E. horses for sale. We hand pick these horses for their superb beauty,  talent, competitive gaits, trainability, 

and amateur friendly temperament. 

We offer a wide selection from young horses to highly trained horses directly imported from Spain.

Each horse imported from Spain, is carefully selected, ridden, and vetted completely before coming to DKF. We take all theses steps to ensure only the best PREs are imported to DKF.

Our connections in Spain have proven to be very reputable providing us (Shae Lovazzano- OPEN, Tina Lovazzano -AA and Manuel Pena- OPEN) with all our own personal FEI  Dressage competing PRE horses including, TRACIO- Triple Qualified ,Grand Prix, USPRE & AWC Multi Champion,

LIRON SU - USPRE FEI Champion & AWC Multi Champion, Ilustrado -  USPRE National Level Champion,

LEON - AA CHAMPION PSG REGIONALS, AWC Supreme Champion 3x, USPRE FEI CHAMPION & USPRE COPA Champion, & NOBLE - Qualified, ANCCE Multi-Champion, & USPRE COPA Champion!   


Why buy a PRE from Dancing Kings Farm?


The DKF team along with the extensive process is what makes the DKF sales so successful. Every imported PRE has been ridden by, Shae Lovazzano and Manuel Pena. (Shae Lovazzano is a USDF Gold Medalist and Grand Prix rider on a PRE stud. Manuel has worked for one of the most successful PRE stables in the world, for over 15 years, before coming to work with DKF. The DKF team combined has years of vast knowledge in the PRE breed in dressage) Afterwards, a 5 star complete vetting is performed with DKF's exclusive vet. The horses are then transported by the top transport in Spain, with turnouts, exercise and 24/7 mobile stall cameras, so we can check on our boys anytime. DKF travels to Spain over 5 times a year, for weeks at a time, to find the best PRES for America!   

 Here at DKF, we also breed to produce high quality P.R.E. dressage prospects. We carefully choose each dam and sire to produce the best offspring that excel as sport horses. 

If you are interested in any of these horses, or would like to arrange a time to visit,

please do not hesitate to                     


Rubi - Imported by DKF
Age: 2012

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 16.2

Striking looks with the training and temperament to match! Absolutely stunning PRE breed type conformation along with CDI quality gaits. At just 8 yo Rubi is currently PSG Level and developing a fancy second trot gear as well as passage and two tempis. Rubi has had wonderful results in the FEI 7, 6, and 5yo divisions. Has been shown and trained up classically and correctly with no doubt of GP in his future. Super uphill, soft and easy canter, a dream to ride! Very comfortable, super easy tempi changes, soft in the back with an awesome hind leg, Currently ridden in the snaffle. Tons of talent and super willing attitude. Totally safe and NEVER nervous, hot, tense or spooky. Super laid back and easy going! Perfect ground manners, quiet, patient, and sweet as can be. Loves to hang out and gets along with all other horses. Rubi is a unique combination of a quality FEI horse with GP in his future, along with super chill safe temperament. Perfect for an AA or JR/YR wanting a very safe yet quality ride plus beautiful looks.Registered with ANCCE, PRE. Recent X-Rays available.  Price: Please Inquire 

Fuego- Imported by DKF
Age: 2010

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PSL/PRE

Height: 16/16.1

Flashy black Imported gelding ready for the Grand Prix. Fuego is super FUN to ride and very talented. He has a super ability to sit, amazing canter pirouettes and piaffe! Super lateral work, very supple and easy off the leg. Carries himself uphill and has a fancy look to him! He is light and easy in the bridle, comfortable to sit and a total blast to ride! Tons of show, trail, and travel experience. Not only does he have wonderful FEI training but also has been exposed to traffic, cows, and working eq obstacles. Knows how to open gates, can go on long trail rides and stands super patient. Totally safe and not a nervous, hot, tense or spooky horse. Trailer in get on and go have fun! Perfect for an AA wanting to get noticed in the dressage ring and have fun. Perfect ground manners, kind, quiet, and patient. Great to travel, does it all. Take this head turner everywhere with you, show in the FEI Levels, look like a million dollars while still being safe and having fun! Fuego is 100% sound with zero maintenance! No injures, sickness or vices. (Currently preparing to show Grand Prix in June) Recent X-Rays available. Price: Please Inquire

Campillano - Imported by DKF
Age: 2013

Sex: Gelding

Breed: P.R.E.    

Height: 16.1

Campi is a super sweet and safe imported PRE gelding. Currently schooling third level, including changes, as well as a nice start in piaffe. Very easy to ride, SUPER comfortable on the back, and easy in a snaffle bridle. Easy laterally and nice off the leg, Very willing, super friendly, and NEVER spooky or tense! Wonderful temperament both ridden and on the ground. Quiet and easy going, perfect ground manners, stands patiently for hours, very easy going, trailers, and enjoys turnout. Enjoys to hack out alone or with others. Trailer in and get on, earn your bronze medal, or just have fun on a beautiful safe and comfortable PRE. Campi's reliable and kind temperament make him very

suitable for a beginner or more timid rider. Registered with ANCCE, PRE. Recent X-Rays available. Price: 50,000-60,000

Brumo - Imported by DKF
Age: 2014

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 16.3+

Beauty and Brains! Super talented and quality FEI prospect with wonderful results in the FEI YH Division. Now ready to show FEI 6 yo division (3rd level).  SUPER easy to ride, easy changes, half passes, started in collected canter and playing with passage. Developing a fancy trot with suspension and ground cover. Super steady in the snaffle bridle and super supple. Wonderful work ethic, always willing to learn and advance. Responsive to the aids without being hot, nervous or spooky. His mind and trainability makes him a wonderful GP prospect. Great ground manners, patient and quiet. Totally kind and gentle temperamentdon't let his size fool you, Brumo is a gentle giant! His father is one of the TOP Grand Prix competitors in Spain right now. Perfect for an AA or JR/YR wanting a super quality horse to develop and show while enjoying the temperament and ride-ability of a PRE. 

Registered with ANCCE, PRE. Recent X-Rays available. Price: 60,000 - 70,000

Age: 2012

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Andalusian    

Height: 16.1h


 Super sweet, saint like temperament with tons of experience in everything! Max has shown in dressage, cowboy dressage, schools working Eq courses with ease, worked with cows, has participated in tons of clinics, loves trail rides, and even has done some bit-less jumping! Max has three nice straight moving gaits, with an exceptionally smooth canter to ride, he is soft in the bridle and easy off the leg. Perfect ground manners, loads, travels, hacks out, does it all. Max has been ridden and shown by a AA rider most of his life. He is the perfect boy for a AA or JR rider looking to have fun both in and out of the arena! His amazingly easy and sweet temperament makes him very suitable for a beginner or timid rider, Registered with IAHLA as Pure Andalusian. Past X-Rays Available. Price: 25,000 - 35,000

Age: 2016

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 15.2


Registered with ANCCE, PRE. COMING SOON!

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