Each year DKF will offer a select number of Pure Raza Espanola or P.R.E. horses for sale. We hand pick these horses for their superb beauty,  talent, competitive gaits, trainability, 

and amateur friendly temperament. 

We offer a wide selection from young horses to highly trained horses directly imported from Spain.

Each horse imported from Spain, is carefully selected, ridden, and vetted completely before coming to DKF. We take all theses steps to ensure only the best PREs are imported to DKF.

Our connections in Spain have proven to be very reputable providing us (Shae Lovazzano- OPEN, Tina Lovazzano -AA and Manuel Pena- OPEN) with all our own personal FEI  Dressage competing PRE horses including, TRACIO- Triple Qualified ,Grand Prix, USPRE & AWC Multi Champion,

LIRON SU - USPRE FEI Champion & AWC Multi Champion, Ilustrado -  USPRE National Level Champion,

LEON - AA CHAMPION PSG REGIONALS, AWC Supreme Champion 3x, USPRE FEI CHAMPION & USPRE COPA Champion, & NOBLE - Qualified, ANCCE Multi-Champion, & USPRE COPA Champion!   


Why buy a PRE from Dancing Kings Farm?


The DKF team along with the extensive process is what makes the DKF sales so successful. Every imported PRE has been ridden by, Shae Lovazzano and Manuel Pena. (Shae Lovazzano is a USDF Gold Medalist and Grand Prix rider on a PRE stud. Manuel has worked for one of the most successful PRE stables in the world, for over 15 years, before coming to work with DKF. The DKF team combined has years of vast knowledge in the PRE breed in dressage) Afterwards, a 5 star complete vetting is performed with DKF's exclusive vet. The horses are then transported by the top transport in Spain, with turnouts, exercise and 24/7 mobile stall cameras, so we can check on our boys anytime. DKF travels to Spain over 5 times a year, for weeks at a time, to find the best PRES for America!   

 Here at DKF, we also breed to produce high quality P.R.E. dressage prospects. We carefully choose each dam and sire to produce the best offspring that excel as sport horses. 

If you are interested in any of these horses, or would like to arrange a time to visit,

please do not hesitate to                     


Albor- Imported by DKF- Late January Arrival 
Age: 2006

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 15.3/16


Amazing Unicorn FEI schoolmaster! Years of show experience in the FEI levels in multiple countries. with scores in the mid 60s. An absolute dream to ride, super easy, very comfortable, and correct! Has always been in professional training with a female rider. Nice competitive gaits, with an uphill collected cantor and clear walk with overreach. Almost confirmed Grand Prix, schools one tempis and a nice piaffe and passage. Automatic tempis, pirouettes and half pass work. A total saint with zero spookiness, perfect group manners, patient, calm, he does it all! Enjoys the trails alone or with other. Great for traveling and at shows. Get on, go and have fun! The perfect horse for a AA or JR with endless options of fun! Earn their medals, compete in the FEI on a super safe and competitive PRE, compete in the CDI Small Tour, show in freestyles, year end shows, clinics, the USPRE series and much more. He is suitable for all types of riders. Albor is 100% sound with ZERO maintenance! No injures, sickness or vices. Registered with ANCCE, PRE. Clean X-Rays available. COMING SOON! Price: Please Inquire 

Bache- Imported by DKF- Late January Arrival 
Age: 2013

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Andalusian    

Height: 15.2/15.3 

Extremely willing and talented black PRE with a compact build. At just 7 years old he is ready to show PSG! Will develop into a Grand Prix horse within the next year. Schooling amazing piaffe, passage and full pirouettes. Easy tempi changes down to the 2s. Bache is super fun to ride, and has an easy "fancy trot" gear that not only looks but feels fabulous. Very comfortable and correct to ride! Super brave and willing to do anything! Tons of trail and out of the arena experience, he is perfect for traveling and is super easy to handle. Very safe, absolutely zero spookiness. Ridden in a snaffle or double bridle. Super unique boy with an amazing temperament that will take you to GP while having a blast! AA or jr/yr  DREAM!!! Show him PSG, school the best piaffe and passage in the barn, go out on the trails, and enjoy! No injures, sickness or vices. Clean X-Rays available. COMING SOON! Price: Please Inquire 

Age: 2013

Sex: (Recently) Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 16.1/16.2

Pretty grey PRE Imported from Spain last year. Super looks with long legs. Has been in dressage training and is advancing well. Bravo is schooling second level and now starting to school some green changes. Three nice gaits with a good clear walk with overstep. He is very kind and doesn't get nervous, hot or tense. Enjoys the arena and the trials. Totally safe, not spooky or naughty! He is easy to handle, sweet to be around and good for travel. Not the hot or sensitive type so could also suit a beginner. He will make an awesome dressage competition mount for a AA.  Recently gelded, had no stallion behavior, no talking, lives next to mares, and is super friendly and easy going.  Registered with ANCCE, PRE. Price: 35,000 - 45,000  

Age: 2013

Sex: Mare

Breed: PRE    

Height: 15.3


Daughter of FARLAY II (Qualified and Grand Prix) black PRE mare shown as a young horse in the ANCCE Morphology show at Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas. Bamba has also shown training level dressage. Last year she produced a fantastic black colt. She is now back in work, solid training level and starting lateral work. Color tested black, ANCCE papers. 10,000-20,000

Age: 2016

Sex: Gelding

Breed: PRE    

Height: 15.2


Registered with ANCCE, PRE. COMING SOON!

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