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Manuel Peña De Los Santos, originally from Spain, brings a lifetime of PRE experience and knowledge and is a highly respected member in the PRE world. For more then 15 years he has attended multiple classes,

specializing in both riding and presenting. In 1999 he became a certified teacher in Equestrian Teaching, Basic Dressage, Conception and Management of Equestrian Centers. In 2000 he was the instructor for the "Equestrian Workshops II & III" School of the Reitschule Foundation, taking over fifteen students in the program. He has even given clinics at the the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez and to private farms in Guatemala, Italia, France, and America. 

Over the years Manuel has presented over a 100 PREs in the morphology competitions. He has won numerous titles in the highly competitive ANCCE show circuits in over 5 countries. His extensive successful show career includes presenting over 4 horses to Champion of Champions at the ANCCE show in SICAB Spain. The highest honor in the ANCCE show world. He has also been named best rider over 10 times.  Before coming to America he previously worked, for 10 years, at one of the biggest and mot successful PRE barns in the world, managing, presenting and riding over 500 PREs a year. His work there included specializing in all parts of breeding, handling young stock, starting colts, and showing. He has started and trained over 50 colts from the ground up to be shown in competitions. 

With Manuel's extensive horse experience, he is a a wonderful asset to DKF. He is helping guide the breeding program to produce the best possible offspring while respecting the breed standards. He is the additional trainer at DKF, training young horses and client horses. 


Manuel currently travels to multiple countries to teach clinics both in presenting horses for the ANCCE breed shows and riding horses for functionality tests.

Se habla español. Para contactar con Manuel Peña 

llame: (650) 850-1877 

(SICAB is the Salon Internacional Del Caballo de Pura Raza Española, aka the biggest PRE competition and trade fair in the world. And, ANCCE is the Assocacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española, Spain’s national PRE association and official manager of the PRE studbook.)




  • 2019 USPRE High Point First Level - Ronaldo UP

  • 2019 USPRE High Point First Level - SF General 

  •  2018 USPRE 

  • 2018 AWC ANCCE Best Movement, Sub-Champion Presentor

  • 2018 Americas Cup ANCCE Best

  • Movement, Sub-Champion Presentor


  • 2018 USPRE High Point First Level- Ilustrado JF

  • 2018 AWC ANCCE, Presenting over 15 PRES, Best Movements Sec.5, Sec.8 & Sec.12 

  • 2018 City of Industry ANCCE, Best Movement Sec.10, Sec 4. Plus Champion Sec.10, OVERALL Sub-Champion Show and Champion Best Movement 

  • 2018 Americas Cup ANCCE Sub-Champion Functionality & Best Presentor



  • Having attended the School Workshop "Equestrian Offices I", in the module of Riding, obtaining extensive knowledge in the Horse, Care and maintenance, The rider, The psyche of the horse, The horse, the body of the horse, the harnesses, the Dressage and Basic

  • Completed in the Reitschule Foundation "Oficios Ecuestres" the Course of F.P.O. In the specialty of Breeder of Horses.

  • Performing the Course of Riding Monitor, obtaining a title approved by the Andalusian Government (Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Labor and Industry).

  • Obtaining certificate for the use of the course in Equestrian Teaching, Organization and Planning of the Teaching of Riding, The Initiation. Basic Dressage, Basic Rules of Action and Prevention in case of horse accidents, Conception and Management of Equestrian Centers and knowledge of other equestrian sports.

  • Being Monitor and Tutor of the Horse Riding Module of the School "Officious Ecuestres II" of Reitschule Foundation, taking care of fifteen students.

  • Being, once again, Monitor and Tutor of the Riding Module of the "Equestrian Workshops III" School of the Reitschule Foundation, taking over fifteen students.

  • Presentation courses given at the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, from 2010 to the present time.

  • Exhibition of cobras at the international fair of Essen '' EQUITANA '' (Germany).

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